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Stomach Peace 胃得泰

About Stomach Peace

Stomach Peace (胃得泰) formula is derived from many famous ancient Chinese stomach formulas and represents all the spirit from them. Combined with modern medical scientific techniques, Stomach Peace can accurately and selectively inhibit the A cell line in the mucus membrane of gastro-intestine (MMG).Also, Stomach Peace can boost the B cell line of MMG.

Stomach Peace™ is proven to be much different from the other stomach medication/drug. Most anti-acid medications fully and non-selectively inhibit all the cell line of MMG. Long term this can cause indigestion, abdominal distention and food stagnation which is the most common reason to cause the gastro-paresis. Stomach Peace possesses all the great advantages in anti-acid and improvement of digestion enzyme production.

Stomach Peace is not a combination of digestion enzymes. External Digestion enzymes are helpful for older patients (over 75 years old) who have poor digestion ability. But for most of the younger population, external enzymes can be very harmful due to the bio-feedback mechanism. But Stomach Peace can promote the body to produce more digestion enzyme and improve the gastro-intestine movement.


  • White Atractylodes

  • Poria

  • Bitter Orange

  • Medicated Leaven

  • Nutgalls

  • Evodia Fruit

  • Lindera Root

  • Coptis Root

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