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Bing De Ling® 病得灵


When Dr. Zhao, founder of Anfala, worked on his doctoral thesis, he followed Professor Du Zhou Liu (刘渡舟教授), who was respected and honored as the contemporary medicinal sage in China.

While taking care of many hepatitis B patients and shingle patients, Professor Liu often used herbal medicine to reach a cure. But the herbal formulas used for each patient were all personalized. Chinese medicine emphasizes the individual constitution and treatment should be always modified respectively. That requires a huge amount of clinical experience. It is very difficult for most practitioners to practice in that high level. Since then, Dr Zhao has devoted to uncover if there are some internal relationships, special links among these formulas and each individual herbal medicine, with the goal of creating a general formula for anti-viral purpose. After years of research and clinical trial, Bing De Ling® was formulated. It became one of Dr Zhao's best formulas for anti-virus in his practices, the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, helping thousands of patients.

In1996, Dr. Zhao's practice partnered with H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, one of the world's premier leaders in cancer research and treatment, and collaborated to search for anti-cancer herbal medicine. The results of the study was published in DNA AND CELL BIOLOGY in 2000 (and followed with a second paper published in 2005), and demonstrated that Bing De Ling stimulates multifaceted immunologic responses in mice, which is consistent with Bing De Ling's clinically observed efficacy against viruses. Since then, continuing research has been carried out to study how Bing De Ling can play a critical preventive and anti-cancer role:

  • Regulate immune function through balancing the B cell line and T cell line function, as well as inhibiting the B-cell line and activating the T-cell line.

  • Promote the natural killer activity.

  • Induce and promote the γ-interferon production.

  • Reduce the IL-6 production and transfer the IL-6 to γ-interferon.

  • Relieve the side effect from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, thus maintain the body electrolytes balance and improve the chemotherapy performance.


Bing De Ling contains two group of herbal medicine, one group is of the very warm and tonic property, and another group of herbal medicines belong to the very cold and clear hear/anti-inflammation property. These two groups of herbs with opposite properties and channels are formulated with equal weight, with the essence of Yin-Yang balancing and rising-descending coordination. This philosophic principle is derived from ancient herbal formula Sheng Jiang San. The dosage of each herbal regent is very important and is the keys in this formula.

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