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San Sheng Wan 三圣丸

About San Sheng Wan

The formula of San Sheng Wan (三圣丸) originally came from the famous Chinese Doctor Qian Yi of the Song Dynasty, and was recorded in his legend book "Yao Zheng Zhi Jue". San Sheng Wan™ is now designed for pernicious phlegm and expels phlegm from deep tissues and organs. It opens the meridian and removes blockage caused by the phlegm and calms down the mind.

Original thought was traditional Chinese Medicine works slowly and has less power in dealing with severe disease. Contrary to this, many remedies have quick reactions and strong pharmacological response which are used for severe and emergency condition. San Sheng Wan is one such herb. Clinically it can be used to shrink tumor, much like natural chemotherapy. 


Phlegm was recognized as the original pathogenic factor for cancer formation and the product of inflammation. Research shows that inflammation induces cancer occurrence. If there is no inflammation, there is no phlegm, therefore no cancer. San Sheng Wan is the best herbal medicine for removal and expulsion of phlegm toxicity. It acts quickly to kill cancer cells and reduces tumor size.


  • Natural Indigo

  • Pearl Powder

  • Pinellia Tuber

  • Phellodendron Bark

  • Arisaema Tube

  • Pharbitis Seed

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