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About Anfala

AnFala is the leading Chinese herbal solution reference source for doctors and healthcare practitioners in western medicine.


Based on classical formulas and treatment principles that have been used successfully for over thousands of years, Chinese herbal solutions are now available to western practitioners. These powerful and highly effective herbal formulas integrate very well with western medical solutions to produce high quality total treatment of many disorders and illnesses.

AnFala researches, develops, and manufactures health solution-oriented herbal medicines, based on clinically proven proprietary formulas targeting specific diseases. Our patented herbal medicines will help clinicians treating patients with unbelievable curing/healing results and confidence. The herbs we use are of the highest quality available, and will produce the best results possible. The herbal formulas are based on the rich history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have been adjusted in formulation to suit the health, social, and environmental conditions of the US patients.

AnFala distinguishes itself in all phases of high quality manufacturing, including but not limited to herb planting, harvesting, selecting, processing, and packaging. The advanced proprietary herb medicines provided by AnFaLa are scientifically researched and clinically proven as highly effective for US patients by Dr. RJ Zhao and many other renowned TCM physicians in China.

Our Corporate Value
  • People
    by fostering the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health of our customers and employees.

  • Product:
    by emphasizing the importance of safety, purity and effectiveness of Chinese herbs in our product line.

  • Process:
    by ensuring the highest quality in every stage of development and production from herbal farming to packaging.

  • Planet:
    by utilizing environmentally safe farming, manufacturing and green business practices.

  • Purpose:
    by bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science for the benefit of mankind.

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