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About AnFaLa
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About Dr RJ Zhao
About Dr RJ Zhao, O.M.D, Ph.D, L.Ac.

AnFala's herbal medicines are formulated by Dr. RJ Zhao, the renowned physician who currently practices in Sarasota, Florida and sees hundreds of patients a week. Prior to his practices in the US, Dr. Zhao was a Professor of Chinese Medicine Cellular Biology and Immunology at the prestigious Beijing University in China.

Dr. Zhao is a member of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, one of the world's premier organization in prevention and cure of cancer. Dr. Zhao has published several papers on the treatment of critical disorders such as cancer utilizing Chinese herbal and acupuncture solutions. He is a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and is the President of the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sarasota, FL of the United States.


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PubMed Reference ID 10975469 from US National Library of Medicine, NIH



From Legend to Science: A History of Chinese Medicine

"Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes balance and harmony within the human body, treating the body as an organic whole with the over-arching Yin/Yang principle. This book, written by Dr. Zhao, is an excellent overview and insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers a chance for readers to share the stimulating discoveries of a great store of ancient wisdom. Medical and pre-med students will find it to be invaluable. "